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Intellectual property issues are not black and white. Your ability to copy and use the work of other people is a complex mix of many factors such as: what the media is, why you are using it, when the media was created, how much you are using, what the copyright owner wants people do do with his/her work, and the potential market value of the product. Even if you are legally permitted to use the work of another person, there are ethical reasons for giving credit to the content that you used (much like movie credits list actors, production staff, and movie and music clips used in the film).

This site was created to help students make sound decisions about the way they use media. Since intellectual property laws and guidelines are so complex and hotly debated, this site provides news and links to various perspectives on these issues.

Featured Video: Spring Break

In this video, Kelly has just copied music from a friend's collection. Her future self pays a visit and warns her about the legal consequences of copying music.

What if you could prevent yourself from making a mistake?

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